Taylor Creek Trail – Kolob Canyon of ZION NP

This excursion is where my mindset about trail running  changed.  How many times had a driven I-15 south and had seen the sign for Kolob Canyon Region of Zion National Park?  I could see the Visitors Center from Interstate 15 and a maroon colored road going up into a hillside scattered with pine trees and desert vegetation hillside and disappearing.  What could be up National Parkish on that drive?  “I’ll stop there ‘one of these days‘,” I said to myself.  ‘One of these days’ is an expression that means ‘Never’ until I decided to stop many years ago. Conditions were not ideal.  The month was March and there were extremely high winds blowing me back to Colorado and I knew I would be getting into a snowstorm up toward.  But, I made two hours in my schedule.  I pulled off at Exit 40 on I-15 south.  The Visitors center is 200 yards from the interstate so there are no excuses.  I headed up the hill and within a mile and half comes a stunning red rock view that cannot be seen from the interstate.  On the left at two miles is a parking lot for Taylor Creek.