Desert Rat Runnin’ in Laughlin Nevada

Desert Rat Runnin’  in Laughlin Nevada

Desert running is fun.  Up, down, all around, pleasures and perils, unique smells, unique terrain and unusual footing.  How about views?  All part of a trail running adventure.  Working my way back east toward Colorado after a stint in Death Valley with my friend Ginny, I opted for the southern route and needed to get on I-40 in AZ.  The road leads through Laughlin Nevada, a miniature gambling town all its own.  Laughlin is along the Colorado River below Davis Dam holding back an unknown reservoir – Lake Mohave.  The town’s elevation is 510 feet but the highways coming into and leaving gain quickly in altitude to over 3000 feet and there are many rugged mountain ranges nearby that are mostly unexplored areas with rumors of gold and other undiscovered precious metals.  Numerous trails for all modes of transportation.  The beer at the Colorado Belle is well worth the price of getting to Laughlin – Off the beaten path fabulous, in some ways.

gold and other precious minerals yet to be found.  On the descent into the Colorado River Valley