About Us

Pairing great beers and fun trails!

As an avid trail runner, I enjoy traveling, reviewing trails and pairing them with local brewery/brewpub experiences. trailsandale.com is dedicated to magnificent trail systems, refreshing, tasty micro beers, and the adventure stories we each have while on the trail. Trails are as diverse as styles of ale. For me, I put on my running shoes and find a trailhead. For others, trails may be single track on a mountain bike, up a rock wall, down a river, surfing an ocean wave, splashing through a creek on horseback, ripping fresh tracks on a powder day, making a birdie on a long par 4, or tearing up a jeep on a gnarly 4WD so called road! What then might we all have in common? A well deserved beer and a story to tell.

Trails and breweries will be organized by state and broken down by region and towns.

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