Red Hill Trail – in May and Roaring Fork Beer Co.

Red Hill Trail is quite unique.  Till now, I have only run it in winter and on those occasions it was quite cold and the snow was deep.  On the sun facing side the trail was slick red mud or frozen solid and scary slippery.  Always fun but caution is always advised as the trail is really steep on the part directly above highway 82.
Fast forward to May 12, 2016.  Nursing a bit of a stiff knee but since there are no excuses, I thought I would do a short maintenance run.  And this time, I thought I would take the steep part up so as not to torture my knee on the way down.  Steep alright, 713 feet in the first mile.  My engine was running hot after that climb.  Then it mellowed, I stopped and took a few pictures.  Someone has left a dog bowl at the top as there is no water on the trail so occasionally people will water their own dogs or leave water in it for the person who has their dog but no water bottle with them.  Professional  courtesy from dog owners.

Red Hill trail is accessible from the parking lot at junctions of Highways 82 and 133 and can get crowded from commuter traffic, hikers and mountain bikers on busy nice weather days.  Worth a one time at least.  And, Roaring Fork Beer Company is close by.  1941 Dolores Way.  Head south on 133 toward Carbondale.  Take a right on Dolores Way and find your way back.  The tasting room is several businesses down a dead end part past several other businesses in the business park. – 970-963-5870

BEER REVIEWS – They were out of some of the beers that I wanted to try but that is a good sign that they are popular and with brilliant deduction skills, probably good!  The AMF Amber is a lager and is tasty.  More body than most lagers especially mass brewed lagers.  NOTE: Don’t go hoppy first and attempt to come back to drinking the AMF.  Good choice for first beer!  Tangelo IPA, a 6.5% ABV, is a collaboration beer between Kannah Creek in Grand Junction and Colorado Boy in Ridgeway.  I have had the privilege to drink at both those breweries and knew it would be good.   It is excellent!  But, then I tried the Street Cred Imperial Red, a 7.2% ABV beverage and since I only had time for one big beer – had to go Red to match the trail and it is a really nice drinking beer.

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