Roctober running and Bakers’ Brewery

Finding myself in Summit County Colorado under the bluest of skies, warm sunshine, perfect temps in the 60s, low humidity (24%!) colors still holding on in some of the aspen groves.  Above Silverthorne is the Ptarmigan Mountain Trail.  Plenty of parking at the trailhead and lightly used, at least the days I have been here.  The steep start, 8-900 feet of vertical in the first 3/4 of a mile finally yield to a mostly level and gradual uphill.  Perfect for a few miles or head all the way to the top of the peak which according to trail sites – 11.8 miles roundtrip and 3,800 vertical up.  What a perfect day for a 4.2 mile run to start to get back into mountain shape after a month in the midwest where it is difficult to find hills to keep the quads in shape.  Forgot my orange shirt which I consider during hunting season my ‘not get shot shirt’ as hunters were coming down the trail in the late afternoon.  One woman with her dog had her orange hat on and an orange scarf for her dog.  Smart.  I achieved my desired thirst level and headed back down the hill.  From the parking lot, it is all of eight tenths of a mile to Bakers’ Brewery.  They are a bakery, brewery and restaurant with a unique menu.   Great signs in the men’s bathroom are good for a giggle.  The beer is good across the board, they are not afraid to have guest beers.    Being a hophead, the IPA does not have enough bittering units to keep me happily drinking pints so I am preparing to invent HOP DROPS – an elixir/potion of my favorite hops in an alchemy concoction that one can pack in the pocket with an eyedropper that can then stealthily be dropped into a pint of under hopped beer at about 10 International Bittering Units per eyedropper full.  Steal my idea – may your taste buds fall out!   However I sure could use help on how to manage pics and texts on this blog.  Look for reviews on their beers later. Researching…


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