Atalaya Mountain Run – Santa Fe

Atalaya Mountain Trail starts at St. Johns College at around 7300 feet and climbs to 9098.  Beautiful views of Santa Fe below and south.  Conquistadors climbed it in the 1500s as they explored New Mexico.  Looks close from college but it is 3.25 miles one way and the climb is 1800 vertical.  Worth it through the arroyos, the piñon juniper transition zones and up through ponderosa pine forests.  Viewpoints along the way are great for photo ops.  Trail is not heavily traveled due to its steepness.  Where to go for a beer afterward.  Why, 2nd Street Brewery of course!!  Two locations in Santa Fe but I go to the one in the Railyard as it is a two block walk from the  Sage Inn.  Good food and great beer!  Always a seasonal IPA  (Pivotal on draft last week – top notch ale) along with their regular IPA.  And a friendly, intelligent clientele and staff with whom to engage in intellectual and passionate conversation.




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