Arroyo Running and Bushwacking in New Mexico

Running in Comanche Canyon near Ghost Ranch New Mexico offered interesting challenges.  The beauty of the desert is hard to cross because of the terrain and with no official trail.  However, that’s when it gets interesting!  Water finds its path of least resistance after a storm.  But with enough force, time and tools water will cut through rock to find its way downhill.  In July, a monster rain sent water crashing through this arroyo with a wall of water 10 -15 feet high in places on its way to Abiquiu Lake.  But Mother Nature recovers nicely as this Indian paintbrush flower shows growing out of a crevice in the rock.  It would have been under 5 to 6 feet of the torrent during the flood.  I placed the petrified poo rock as well as the heart rock bullseye beside the flower – both of which I found ‘upstream’.  There were places where I could not get through the arroyos as they were full of clutter.  But, trying to cross the desert surface offers its now perils.  This species of prickly pear wants to impale your toes.  The desert floor is covered with several other species of plants that can easily pierce human flesh and draw blood and screams!  To be continued…

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