The Animas River disaster


Why these two pictures?  As a freelance writer, I will occasionally write about the subjects on my card in addition to my passions of running and beer.  I have ‘water’ on my card as I have studied water resources in quality and quantity since my graduate school days. Wrote a major paper on the Colorado River Compact of 1922  – an agreement between 7 western states and Mexico (all the Mexican Farmers were soon forgotten)  for water allocations in the west.  That paper had to do with water quantity.  The government has screwed that agreement up over the years.  NOW, we face perhaps a worse disaster with the BPA (EPA – disguised as the British Petroleum Agency – think Gulf of Mexico oil mess) has allowed a mine to spill its toxic waste from hell without proper precautions for such a disaster.  Now, millions of people, wildlife, ground water supplies, and whole ecosystems will bear the brunt of this ‘mistake.’   Ultimately and sadly, cleanup is virtually impossible so therefore, the expression of ‘dilution is the solution to the pollution’ will have to come from Mother Nature.  Being the monsoon season could be a blessing as torrential rains could unleash muddy surface waters into the rivers and eventually bury the toxic heavy metals.  But sadly,  the ‘cover up’ of the mud won’t be forever.  The rivers and reservoirs downstream will be polluted and highly toxic in spots for years to come.   The government will blatantly lie to us as will corporations about what’s really in this ‘soup’ and downplay its negative effects.  We are paying for the sins of our ancestors who went nuts after the 1872 Mining Act which was a license to rape the West and now it is coming back to haunt us.  Even by demanding action, nothing can happen because there is no human fix.  Hopefully, Mother Nature will bring rain and lots of snow to places like Bryce Canyon in the pic above and snowmelt from there will trickle into the Paria River, find its way to the Colorado River at Lee’s Ferry AZ, and add its minimal volume of water to aid in the cleanup.  The snow on my business card will melt, find its way into the Green River (pic is in Dinosaur National Monument – the Utah part) and the Green River will slam into the Colorado River below Moab, Utah and do its part in the dilution solution.    (MY OPINION)

From my upcoming novel – THE EMERALD WATERS OF WINTER

When the pain begins, the pain continues, and flows like ice through your veins


 “The names again… Blue, Yampa, White, Eagle, Crystal, Frying Pan, Roaring Fork, Gunnison, San Miguel, Dolores, Green, and yes, the mighty Colorado.  We will kill them, we will kill them all!”

One of the several in the room stepped onto the deck.  He shivered in the damp cold as he lit an expensive cigar.  This is what they had been planning for a long time.  At first he thought the heavy drips from the awning above were water from the misty Boston night but the texture was thicker as he brushed the fluid from his sleeve.  In the darkness, he placed the glowing end of his cigar near his jacket.  Blood!  The guard on the roof was no longer.  He calmly faked a cough and said aloud, “Maybe I shouldn’t be smoking these with my cold…”  He promptly put his cigar out on the railing, tossing it 10 stories to the wet street below.  He had more.  He stepped inside the sliding glass door, and motioned with his finger to the ceiling.  Before he could finish saying they all must leave, the deck door exploded.  Dressed in commando black, the intruder, in an instant, took care of another bodyguard, while the others scrambled to escape through the front door.  The lights went out, a fight ensued, a slash, a stab, a shot.  He was good, the intruder was better, and precious time had escaped.  When the lights came on, what the intruder had come for was gone.

A story about a deadly virus that goes into a number of the rivers that flow into the Colorado River System…   Not so far fetched now…


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