On a hot August Midwest morning…

This is a good sign to find.  On a hot August morning while out for a run, I found this sign out in the Illinois countryside.  As I melted my way through the slightly overcast day, the temperature was comfortable but the humidity levels were not.  I ran past the usual suspects, the Black Angus cattle munching happily in the pastures, no longer afraid or even all that leery of me as I pass by their fences.  They look up and wonder what the hell I am doing.  Other sounds are crickets in the ditches, a slight breeze blowing through the corn, a call or two of hawks, crows and a bobwhite quail.  Sweat pours out my temples as I trot along and the rest of me is soaked.   Squish, squish, squish goes my left shoe with each foot fall as the dew point is so high that the grass on the side of the road is soaked and as I am running against on coming traffic, my left foot is in the wet grass while my right foot is in the gravel.   I receive waves from people driving by in pickups and cars, some of whom I know, many I do not.  Not as exciting as a mountain trail but I am out doing what I love no matter the conditions.  I put in 9 sweaty miles but with the overcast skies and lower temperatures, I survive.  When I got home I checked the temp and humidity levels.  71 degrees and 91 percent humidity.  A fruit smoothie was in the refrigerator waiting for me after I replaced about 32 ounces of water.  But, there is a beer in my future later today…  Hmmm.

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