Haysed in Hays!


Brewpubs in Kansas are like waterholes in the deserts, few and far between.  However, the brewpubs that are in Kansas are excellent!   Out on the western plains of Kansas at mile marker 159 is the town of Hays, a small university town (Fort Hays State University ) and is usually a gas and pee stop for travelers going east or west on Interstate 70.  But, if you have the time or will be staying overnight, get the hell away from the chain restaurants and treat yourselves to Gella’s Diner and Lb (Liquid Bread) Brewing Co. in old downtown.  Excellent food, good beer and a top notch staff, most of whom are students from the university or recent graduates, are there to serve you in a beautifully restored warehouse building of wood and brick, and offset nicely with the stainless steel of the brew kettles which makes for a high energy upbeat atmosphere.

A more extensive review of Gella’s will be on the main website but today, August 28th, it is time for me to hit the road west to a state with a few more brewpubs, that being Colorado!  But, keep Hays on your beerdar (beer radar?) while crossing Kansas and go see Sam and Patrick behind the bar and engage in good conversation while enjoying your sample platter and pints of flavorful ales.  dg

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