Engrained Brewing – Springfield IL


Engrained Brewing in Springfield Illinois is making excellent beer.  With a new brewery on the south side of town, outside seating, huge dining room, 24 beer taps, plenty of sports on the ‘telly,’ it has the high energy of why we go to brewpubs.  Friendly staff and a nice menu complete the place.  The kitchen is trying to be as fresh and local as they can with their menu.  The beers in the pic are the German Lager, the Blackberry Lager, The Irish Red and the Black Lager – my favorite of the sampler.  The other photo is a sunrise in Ghost Ranch New Mexico – threw that in for visual stimulus as I am sitting next to an insanely loud family, several older sisters and their kids, all of drinking age and enjoying themselves. Distracted by them, I could not find the photo in my library that was intended for this post.   But, such is part of the mix of humans at good brewpubs.

My run this morning, to earn these beers was a two mile warm up with darkening skies to the west as a thunderstorm complex was moving into the area.  I checked weather conditions:  72 degrees and 94 percent humidity.  Grabbed a running towel as I would be wiping my face and head.  Took all of a mile to start that process as the temples get tapped like a Vermont maple tree, and then the forehead as I run out to my old high school to take a few laps and do speedwork on the track ( if it could be called such:).  I enjoyed turning a few faster laps as thunder began to rumble and large thunderheads to the south were french vanilla on the lower parts to  ivory colored cauliflower heads on top.   A gray misty air made it a wonderful scene at 7:30 in the morning.  Had the track to myself.  A flash of pink light followed six seconds later by thunder, told me it was time to get the hell off the track and head home.  I did.  I was soaked from the inside out in the crazy humid air of late summer…  Yep, earned a few good beers!

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