Trails and Ales NM!

IMG_2240New Mexico has breweries that rival all the well known beer states.  Santa Fe Brewing, Marble, La Cumbre Brewing Company to name three.  For brewpubs?  2nd Street in Santa Fe, Chama River in Albuquerque, Blue Corn in Santa Fe where amazing food and beer can be found in a state with amazing playgrounds for all trail sports!  Check out La Luz Trail in the Sandias, Santa Fe’s trail networks, Ghost Ranch trails, Cerro Pedernal – you will earn your cervezas climbing this hunk of rock.  Look for blog posts for Trail and Brewery/beer of the week in numerous states.  All coming as fast as I can run’em and drink’em!  Contributors are welcome – anyone who can play on a trail, match it with a local beer, write coherently (anyone who writes using the words awesome, epic, or uses the phrase ‘at the end of the day’ or end sentences with prepositions will be rejected.)  We welcome all forms of trails; hiking, running, biking, rivers, vertical rock, ski trails, ocean waves and any other place that qualifies as a trail.  Get creative, as Mother Nature did with this sunrise, a virga double rainbow at 6:07 in the morning at the Ghost Ranch, July 26, 2015.  Ran 7.6 miles later in the day and checked out the flash flood damage from 2 weeks prior up Box Canyon.  Amazing destruction or creation depending on how we look at what happened in the canyon.

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